Surf Camp


Our surf camp is based on the beautiful sandbank Barrañán, in the Municipality of Arteixo, just 10 Km away from La Coruña. Barrañán sandbank is one of the best places for the practice of surfing and body boarding, as well as kite-surfing and SUP in the whole Galicia. Its sandy bottoms are perfect either to start or to improve your level of surfing. Besides we offer more days of surfing than any other camps due to our strategic location.

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It doesn´t matter what kind of holidays you would like to have, if you come with a caravan, a tent, or if you just decide to stay at our surf house,… you will be able to use our gym, leisure room, swimming-pool, beach volley and football court… just 40 meters away from the beach. There are 2 rooms distributed in 2 floors with capacity for 19 people, in which you will have the whole space you need. There are also 3 bathrooms with several showers, to give you a bath without waits.——————————————————————————————————————————————————–


RBB Surf Camp use specific programs and methodology to teach every one according to your level, adapting it perfectly to the training that you need. We understand this great offer as a good way to develop awareness and commitment with several issues related with Nature and Environment.

RBB Surf Camp is not only related with the practice of water sports but also with something that brings physical, psychological, and spiritual benefits. It is the best way for you to easily immerse yourself in the practice of sport through professional coaching in small groups.



Since 2012 and thanks to the important improvements that we have made in the last years, RBB collaborates with one of the five EEN-Schools in Spain (Escuela Española Náutica – Water Sports Spanish School), offering courses to learn how to Surf, Stand up Surf (SUP) and Kite Surf.


Our surf courses are addressed to everyone who wants to have fun and learn a great sport. Our camps are mainly adressed to adults. Besides to that, we offer lessons to all levels of surf and have a lot of complementary activities like Kayak, Body board, Beach volley, Pilates, Yoga,…

Surf Camp: 300€
- x6 overnight at our full comfort camping area
- tent
- x3 Meals a day
- material
- insurance
- course
- instructor

Surf lessons: 60€ / 2 hours (material, insurance, instructor)


KITE Surfing

It is a sport that despite its short history, it became very popular the last years thanks to its impressive movements and spectacular nature. To practice kite surf is not required a special fit but it is essential to know its basic principles and security issues. If you want to practice it safely, contact with us and we will be glad to offer you the best conditions to practice it.
We use the newest materials that offer the best stability, easy launch and great capacity for empowerment that makes it a great fun to learn. At the same time, it allows the more experienced riders to benefit from its power and speed to get a top navigation and progress in their tricks and maneuvers.

A-Level: Our aim is that you get all the practice and experience to be on your own and soon you will be able to surf without risk: security issues, weather conditions, kite power controlling, body dragging, steering the board, beach starting, water starting.
Duration: 6 hours
Price: 220 €

B-Level: The aim of this course is to improve your skills and technique: going upwind, going downwind, toe-down riding, jumping, landing, looping,
Duration: 4 hours
Price: 150€
Note: it is compulsory to have done the A-Level to take part in this course.

C-Level: A personalized training. The sky is the limit!
Duration: 4 hours
Price: 150€
Note: it is compulsory to have done the B-Level to take part in this course. If you want, you can use your own material.

Kite Surfing Galicia

All the materials needed for every course are included (boards, wetsuits,…) as well as the insurance service. RBB recommend you to bring also a cap, sunglasses, sunscreen and a towel.


The Stand Up Paddle Surf (SUP) is a relative new sport closely related to surf. It consists of standing on a large surfboard with the help of an oar. With it you can row on flat water or surf all kind of waves.Its origin is very old and comes from the Polynesian islands where the natives were already practicing this method.

25 € / One hour per person in a group of 3 or more.
30 € / One hour per person in a group of 2.
35 € / One hour individual training for any level.

Board, oar, leash, insurance and instructor are included in all our courses.

SUP GaliciaSUP GaliciaSUP Galicia

Basic SUP
You will get the basics of this sport. Stand up and row to the starting point.
- Modalities: easy ride, waves, long distance, downhill, …
- Techniques: position, stand up and row.
- Take in and take out of water.
- Balance and blend tricks.

Advance SUP
You will improve how to be on your own taking into account all security issues and techniques.
- Detail information about the characteristics of all different materials.
- Personalized program adapted to your skills.
We only rent our SUP material (board, oar and leash) to those that have the proper knowledge to use it or have taken part in one of our courses.
12 € / 1 hour.
30 € / ½ day.
45 € / All day.
Don´t wait any more and come with us to take a trip on the SLOW side!
Contact us here for more informaiton.
We hope to hear from you soon!

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